Dances of Lucinda Childs

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This DVD documentary includes performances of Carnation, Pastime, and Katema with interviews with stagers Ruth Childs, Ty Boomershine, Hope Mohr and more.

Choreography: Lucinda Childs
Lighting Design: Peter Bracilano
Rehearsal Direction: Hannah C. Wiley
Performance Location: Meany Theater, University of Washington

Dance 1: Pastime (excerpt)
Staging: Ruth Childs
Costume Design: Lucinda Childs
Dancer: Barbara Powers
Music: Philip Corner
Premiere Date: 1963
Performance Date: October 2017

Dance 2: Carnation
Staging: Hope Mohr
Costume Design: Lucinda Childs
Dancer: Laura Halm
Premiere Date: 1964
Performance Date: October 2016

Dance 3: Katema
Staging: Ty Boomershine
Costume Design: Val Mayse
Dancers: Alethea Alexander, Lucie Baker, Alexandra Bradshaw-Yerby, Adele Nickel