Laura Dean

American dancer, choreographer, and company director

Dean would argue that there is in reality not such thing as “repetition,” and that an attempt to “repeat”[movement] material in fact demonstrates the uniqueness and variety that are inherent in all human activities. Katy Matheson
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Born Staten Island, New York, December 3, 1945.
Laura Dean is considered one of the most significant post-modern choreographers of our time. Dean states, “In my dances the thought process is in the geometric patterns and the pulse. The movement is imposed on top of this . . . When you take a geometrical form (spatial) of any kind that is static and you impose movement (time) on top of it . . . the tension that results is incredible.” Simple movement such as spinning and stomping that are performed in a geometrical template characterizes her choreography. Dean is considered a master of utilizing repetition that becomes hypnotic altering one’s sense of linear time.

Laura Dean’s Works